A Line A Day

A Line A Day is a simple journal that can capture your day in a sentence and/or photo.

The date can be changed if you miss an entry. Entries are displayed by day and the following year’s entry will show up underneath. View photos by tapping the image in the view display. Save photos already stored in the application to your camera roll by holding your finger briefly on the photo. Photos can also be added from your camera roll. You can also password protect if you feel the need to. But don’t forget your password!

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Tabata Lite

*** Currently doesn’t work on iOS6. ***

Tabata Lite is an interval timer used for a popular excercise of Tabata.

The Tabata or Tabata Protocol was a high-intensity, short interval workout that was intended as an interval routine for the Japanese Speed Skating team. Named after the head coach, Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., who was the former researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Fitness and Sports.

The configuration is set:
Go hard: 20 seconds
Rest: 10 seconds
Total of 8 repetitions

Fully equipped with audio and vibrations!

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